1. Real time Vegetable soup combines in ready to make aqua formats (Add to hot water to serve: RTS)
    1. Cucurbetes based
    2. Cucumber and Brocollibased
    3. Gourds based (Sponge gourd andridge gourd)
    4. Mushroom based (Vegetable and fruit combines)
    5. Pomegranate and Citrus combines with vegetables
    6. Vegetable and tea combines
    7. Soups supplemented with Vitamins/Minerals/Micronutrient sources from plants (Formulations or add on sachets)
    8. Multi-option nutra combinations (Customized according to demand)
  2. Functional Sauces/Garnishing powders and Pastes/Toppings
    1. Fruit and Vegetable value (Nutrition and Antioxidants or Energy)
    2. Vegetable and Tea combine (Catechins and Nutrition)
    3. Carotenoid rich (Vitamins and Pigments)
    4. Flavonoid source (Antioxidents for Free radical scanvanging)
    5. Vitamins and Minerals (For deficiencies alleviation)
    6. Multi-option nutra-combinations (Customized according to demand)
  3. Powder formats (micro-encapsulated and others): To combine with carriers like Glucose, Salt, Flours (Atta), Idli, Dosa mixes, Tea, Curries or any such in-demand base/matrix.
  4. Mushroom protein source products in powder and granular form to enrich any matrix
  5. Prebiotic Pasta, Noodles, Puffs, Thins, Crackers, Flakes etc. for effective intake of probiotics from any source.
  6. Non-dairy synbiotic formulations with standard probiotic strains.
  7. Ambient condition stable probiotic formulations for storage and transport)
    1. Dairy-free
    2. Gluten-free
    3. Soya-based
    4. Mushroom-based
  8. Anti-oxidant, Polyphenol, Flavonoid, Lycopene, Betacarotene ingredients to create new formats including breakfast, snack, meal additives, syrups, capsules, tablets, etc